We currently do research with our academic partners and partners from health care institutions. Also, our researchers are actively involved in a number of professional societies, such as the Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare and the Netherlands Association for Medical Education.

academic partners

Dr. Martin Schmettow

Department of Cognitive Psychology & Ergonomics

University of Twente

Prof.dr. Jan Maarten Schraagen

TNO Human Factors

Department of Cognitive Psychology & Ergonomics

University of Twente

Prof. dr. Jan-Joost Rethans  

School of Health Professions Education

Maastricht University

Prof. dr. Anthony Gallagher

ASSERT for Health center

University College Cork, Ireland

Prof. dr. Brendan Bunting  

Psychology Research Institute

Ulster University, Northern Ireland

Prof. dr. Silvana Perretta  

IRCAD-EITS institute

University of Strasbourg, France  

Eline Mos-Oppersma MSc.

Mathilde Hermans MSc.

Lex van Loon MSc.

Department of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology

University of Twente

health care partners

Prof. dr. Ivo Broeders  

Department of Surgery

Meander Medical Center, Amersfoort

Dr. Noor Christoph  

Department of Medicine

Amsterdam Medical Center, Amsterdam

Prof. dr. Bob Geelkerken 

Department of Vascular Surgery

Medisch Spectrum Twente, Enschede

Applied Medical Analysis & Analysis

University of Twente 

Prof. dr. Isabelle van Herzeele  

Department of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery

University Hospital Ghent, Belgium

Dr. Erik van der Heijden

Dr. Arthur Mulders

Department of Pulmonology

RadboudUMC, Nijmegen