Mission and vision

The goal of the Lab for Professional Learning in High-Tech Health Care is to integrate knowledge from evidence-based psychological and educational research into carefully designed training programs for health care professionals working at the intersection of technology and health care. We create informed innovations for technical medical education by applying knowledge from our own research programs on expertise and professional development. The lab brings together researchers, educators and students to establish a community focused on learning and scholarly thinking to develop best practices in technical medical education.

our Philosophy

The Lab for PLiHTHC helps shape educational innovations and research in three ways. First, we aim to contribute to adaptive expertise development of high-tech health care professionals by investigating professionals’ technology use in clinical practice and how they learn to apply technology in a safe and effective way. Professionals need to acquire domain specific knowledge and skills to solve complex, technical medical problems. Second, we view professional expertise from a cognitive psychology or human factors perspective. The professional is part of a complex and dynamic system which is influenced by multiple, interacting factors, such as prior knowledge, the organization, the team and the type of task to be performed. Third, we perform educational research in the tradition of use-inspired basic research or design based research: scientific studies result both in fundamental knowledge about how people learn, but also in practical solutions for educational problems. Design based research is one the hallmarks of the University of Twente.