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Braaksma, A.J.J.

Dr. A.J.J. Braaksma (Jan)

Assistant Professor Maintenance Engineering
Director WCM Summer School





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General information

Jan Braaksma is an assistant professor in the chair of Maintenance Engineering and director of the WCM Summer School. He is a member of the maintenance research centre TIME. He has worked for the University of Groningen (RuG) and the Dutch Defense Academy (NLDA). He holds a Master’s degree in Business and ICT and a PhD degree in Economics and Business and conducts research on Asset information and life-cycle management

Main activities
- Coordinator professional course / Master Class Maintenance Engineering & Management Oisterwijk

- Director WCM Summer School on Maintenance Management & Engineering

- Supervisor UTwente (PhD) research project(s):


Richard Ruitenburg, MSc on Asset Life Cycle planning in cooperation with Alliander


ir. Wieger Tiddens, on Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics in cooperation with NLR and Dutch Defense Academy


Sukon Wu, MSc on Advanced Maintenance Planning in cooperation with Strukton.


Jan-Jaap Moerman, MSc on Smooth introduction Next Generation Trains in cooperation with NedTrain.


Willem Haanstra, MSc on TCO/LCC in cooperation with Alliander.

Other coordinating activities:

- Research centre (TIME) Twente is Maintenance Excellence

- Master’s course (MEM) Maintenance Engineering & Management and attached PDEng course Maintenance Engineering & Management for PDEng (201500454)

Research interests

Asset life-cycle management, information management, Maintenance engineering & Management, prognostics and diagnostics, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)/ Reliability centred maintenance (RCM), Sustainable supply chains (circular Economy), asset information standards.


Journal papers and book chapters

Tiddens, W.W., Braaksma A.J.J., Tinga, T., The journey to better informed maintenance decisions: identifying and selecting pathways for applying advanced maintenance techniques. Submitted to Reliability Engineering and Systems Safety Journal [Under review]

Braaksma, A.J.J., Wortmann, J.C., Design of a Maintenance Feedback Analysis (MFA) method for organizing evaluation of the maintenance planning. Submitted to the CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science & Technology. [under review]

Ruitenburg, R.J., Braaksma, A.J.J., 2016, Evaluation of the Lifetime Impact Identification Analysis: Two tests in a changeable context, CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science & Technology. [in press]

Ruitenburg, R.J., Braaksma, A.J.J., 2016, Mitigating change in the goals and context of capital assets: Design of the Lifetime Impact Identification Analysis. CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science & Technology. [in press]

Ruitenburg, R.J.I, Braaksma, A.J.J., Dongen van, L.A.M., 2016, Asset Life Cycle Plans: Twelve Steps to Assist Strategic Decision-Making in Asset Life Cycle Management, in: Optimum Decision Making in Asset Management, IGI Global, Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Tiddens, W., Braaksma, A.J.J., Tinga, T., 2016, Towards Informed Maintenance Decision Making: Guiding the Application of Advanced Maintenance Analyses, in: Optimum Decision Making in Asset Management, IGI Global, Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Braaksma, A.J.J., Veldman, J., Vis, I.F.A., 2014, Service and Life Cycle Management of engineered assets/goods, editorial, Computers & Industrial Engineering.

Braaksma, A.J.J., Klingenberg, W., Veldman, J., 2013, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis for maintenance planning: a multiple case study in the process industry, International Journal of Production Research, Volume 51, Issue 4, pages 1055-1071.

Braaksma, A.J.J., Meesters A.J., Klingenberg, W., Hicks, C., 2012, A quantitative method for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, International Journal of Production Research, Volume 50, Issue 23, Pages pp. 6904-6917(14).

Braaksma, A.J.J., Klingenberg, W., Exel, P.W.H.M. van, 2011, A review of the use of asset information standards for collaboration in the process industry, Computers in Industry, Volume 62, Issue 3, Pages 337-350.

Conference papers and other publications

Ruitenburg, R.J., Diepen, van T., Braaksma A.J.J., 2016, Setting priorities for the proactive management of long-term challenges and opportunities in Asset Life Cycle Management, EurOMA 2016, Trondheim, Norway.

Ruitenburg, R.J., Braaksma A.J.J., Agility in Asset Life Cycle Management, or: how to be

flexible with assets designed for stability, EurOMA 2016, Trondheim, Norway.

Korse, M., Ruitenburg, R.J., Toxopeus, M.E, Braaksma, A.J.J. 2016, Embedding the circular economy in investment decision-making for capital assets – a business case framework, CIRP LCE 2016, Berlin, Germany.

Tiddens, W., Braaksma, A.J.J., Tinga, T., 2016, Towards Informed Maintenance Decision Making: Identifying and Mapping Successful Diagnostic and Prognostic Routes, IGLS 2016, Innsbrück, Switserland.

Tiddens, W., Braaksma, A.J.J., Tinga, T., 2015, Usage of prognostic systems aiding life cycle management decision making within companies: a multiple case study, presented at TESCONF 2015, Cranfield University, United Kingdom.

Martinetti. A., Braaksma, A.J.J., Ziggers, J., Dongen, van L.A.M., 2015, Initial spare parts assortment decision making for rolling stock maintenance: a structured approach, ESREDA 2015, Brussels, Belgium.

Petersen, K.R., Ruitenburg, R.J., Madsen, E.S., Braaksma, A.J.J., Bilberg, 2015, A., Lifetime impact identification for Continuous Improvement of wind farm performance, CINET 2015, Stockholm, Sweden.

Ruitenburg, R.J., Braaksma, A.J.J. Dongen, L.A.M. van, 2015, Towards a model for effective Asset Life Cycle Management control – a case study in rolling stock maintenance, EurOMA 2015, Neuchâtel, Switserland.

Ruitenburg, R.J., Braaksma, A.J.J., Dongen, L.A.M., 2014, A multidisciplinary approach for the identification of impacts on the useful remaining lifetime of assets, 3rd International Conference on Through-life Engineering Services, Cranfield University, United Kingdom.

Braaksma, A.J.J., 2012, Asset information for FMEA-based maintenance, Faculty of Economics and Business, SOM, University of Groningen.

Braaksma, A.J.J., Medema, L., Klingenberg, W., Hicks, C., 2010, A quantitative Approach to Failure of Assets, IGLS 2010, Innsbrück, Austria.

Braaksma, A.J.J., 2009, Know your installations inside-out, Stork@Work, nr.1, July 2009, pp. 4-7.

Braaksma, A.J.J., Klingenberg, W., 2008, Review on asset informations standards in the process industry, Proceedings of the 15th International Annual EurOMA Conference, 15-18 June 2008, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Braaksma, A.J.J., Berghout, E.W., Commandeur A.C., 2006, The business case for (ICT) investment evaluation in nonprofit organisations, Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Information Technology Evaluation (ECITE), 28-29 September 2006, Genoa, Italy.

Working papers

Tiddens, W., Tinga T., Braaksma, A.J.J., Usage of prognostic systems aiding life cycle management decision making within companies: a multiple case study



Master’s course (MEM) Maintenance Engineering & Management


Master’s course (ME) Capita Selecta Maintenance engineering & design-for-maintenance


Master’s course (DfMO) Design for Maintenance Operations


Professional course / Master Class Maintenance Engineering & Management – Oisterwijk


Supervision Master students - Open graduation assignments


Methoden van onderzoek, Industrieel Ontwerpen


Bachelor internships

Supervised research projects

Richard Ruitenburg, Jeroen Blok - 2013 (Liander) - Life Cycle Management of the Electricity grid.

Supervised Msc graduation projects

2016 (University of Twente)
Alice van der Horst (Shell) –

Niels van Noord (Saint Gobain) -

Miklos Bartha (Saint Gobain) -

2015 (University of Twente)

Jeroen van Beek (Ricardo) - Towards using FBG sensors for catenary inspections an monitoring.
Jelle Wagenvoort (TataSteel) - Continuous structured Maintenance Concept improvement with maintenance feedback at Tata Steel Ijmuiden, The case of strip-tracking deviations at the Hot Strip Mill.
Tijmen van Diepen (Liander) - Categorizing and prioritizing lifetime impacts for Asset Lifecycle Plans.

2014 (University of Twente)

Maurits Korse (Liander) – Developing an approach to identify and assess circular value for physical assets.

2013 (University of Twente)

Sjoerd Vleugel (Philips) - Requirements Engineering at Philips Consumer Lifestyle IT Shaving.
Vincent Klink (Tata Steel) – Design of a maturity model for autonomous maintenance.
Joost Ziggers (Nedtrain) – Initial spare parts assortment decision making: a structured apprach.
Harm Meijering (Stork Technical Services) – Route to a continuous improvement of operational services in a maintenance environment.

2013 (University of Groningen)

Berre van den Akker (LU) - Product Lifecycle Management: a lucrative approach?
Ivo van der Zouwen (Philips) – Modular development opportunities for the Philips Senseo.

2013 (University of Groningen and Dutch Defense Academy)

Casper van Yperen - Under pressure, everything will be liquid – Towards a framework for introducing new hydraulic products into new or existing markets.

Wieger Tiddens (Dutch Ministry of Defence) - Improving Maintenance Strategies at the Dutch Ministry of Defence.
Jasper Stroeve (Bakker Groep Coevorden) - Equipment prioritizing in a preventive maintenance environment.

2012 (University of Groningen)
Jurgen Kolkman (Plymovent) - (Improving information Quality @ Plymovent

2010 (University of Groningen)

Franklin Weenink (Voorbij Prefab Beton bv.) - Using Lean principles to reduce variability in the production planning.
Bas Tijsma (Nedtrain) – Production in uncertainty – Countering uncertainty by improving planning capabilities to deliver products on time.

2009 (University of Groningen)

Rogier Huisman (Rinderinkhof) - Winch up the business performance at Ridderinkhof – Business process improvement at Ridderinkhof.
Frits Kruise (Flint Group Winschoten) – Designing lean scheduling in the semi-process industry.

2007 (University of Groningen)

Arjan Kampman (Deloitte) - Maximizing the revenue cycle – The transition of known methods from the telecom industry to logistic service providers.
Laurens Aakster - Voedselwijs (RuG)– beslissingsondersteuning door informatie-uitwisseling in de keten.
Pieter Hoondert (Dutch Cocoa) – TPM bij Dutch Cocoa.
Kees van der Vliet (Unilever) - Spoelwater reductie in de mengafdeling van de fabriek.


WCM Summer School

Research centre UTwente TIME