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  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Officer

    Sterre Mkatini, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Officer, is actively working on creating a UT where everybody feels welcome and can safely develop themselves to their full potential. She wants to create a proud UT culture with a strong sense of belonging for every UT member and recognizing and rewarding our community members for their hard work, dedication and input. This is done by bringing together all DE&I projects already running at the UT, raising awareness on the topic, creating safe spaces allowing us to have conversations on (sometimes difficult) topics around DE&I, creating a DE&I UT policy, offering workshops and toolkits for our students and staff to actively work on being more inclusive and contributing to a socially safe environment for all of us. 

    To ensure that we have the right structures in place for our staff members, we also have a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) HR Policy Advisor. The role is to actively engage policy makers in creating and rewriting policies with a strong DE&I focus. It enables us to create visibility for under-represented groups within our UT working community and to create role models for our employees and students. This includes actively working with organizations such as Workplace Pride, of which the university is a member, to ensure that we are up to date with our LGBTQI+ inclusive policies and that we create the right support structures for our queer employees to not experience any obstacles.

  • Shaping Expert Group

    In 2020, within the overall frame of the Shaping Expert group, the Inclusion Shaping Expert Group was established to connect and put forward initiatives on Diversity & Inclusion. Working on themes such as internationality, disability, ethnicity, first-generation students, gender, and sexual orientation, this group strives for equal opportunities so that you can develop to your full potential at the UT and to create a safe environment at our university where everybody can feel at home. In September 2021, the Inclusion Shaping Expert Group will start with the theme of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression. Read more here

  • Dialogical Spaces for a Diverse University

    'Dialogical Spaces for a Diverse University' was one of the diversity and inclusion initiatives supported by the UT Incentive Fund in 2020. The aim was to critically reflect on research and teaching. The project aimed to explore under-representation in areas such as gender, queerness, socio-economic background, religion and neurodiversity. Topics in the online sessions included inclusive learning and forming a gender-inclusive university. The researchers were guided by the question: "How can we incorporate diversity and inclusiveness in all aspects of the academic institution in a strategy to combat systematic discrimination? By sharing knowledge and experience, the researchers hope to support the University in diversity and inclusiveness. Read more here 


  • J&SV Exaltio

    Exaltio is aiming at young people and students from the entire LGBTQI+ spectrum between 18 and 28 years old. Their main mission is to offer a platform to young people and students in the Twente region. A platform where they can make new friends in a safe and pleasant way within the colourful LGBTQ+ spectrum. Read more here

  • COC Twente-Achterhoek

    COC Twente and the Achterhoek is part of the national LGBTQI+ interest group COC and is committed to make homosexuality and gender identity socially accepted. Their goal is to contribute to the emancipation of LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people in Twente and the Achterhoek. In doing so, they work together with various organisations in the region. Read more here

  • Autiroze

    AutiRoze: from, for and by LGBTI+ people with autism. Meeting, advocacy and visibility is what they are concerned with. They have a positive and open attitude and take the lead in their emancipation as LGBTI+ people with autism. Their starting point is that autistic people (just like homosexuals, for example) contribute in their own way to society and give it more colour. Hence, their motto is: "Autism is also diversity!” Read more here

  • LKP

    LKP is a platform for about twenty Christian LGBT-organisations. They support and facilitate the Christian LGBT-movement. They do this to give Christian LGBT-people a voice and a face in church and society. Read more here

  • Stichting Maruf

    The Maruf Foundation is the knowledge centre for Islam and sexual diversity and is a safe meeting place for queer Muslims. Queer Muslims have to deal with multiple discrimination. Maruf helps them with self-acceptance and personal empowerment. They offer space to combine sexual and gender diversity with religion. They organise meetings, conferences and theme days and are also the initiator of the Global and European Queer Muslim Network. Read more here

  • Gay café Stonewall

    Café Stonewall on the Walstraat in Enschede is the only gay café in town. The pub is named after the riots in the Stonewall-Inn in 1969, which became the beginning of the international pride movement. Because the pub is run entirely by volunteers, there is always a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Read more here