• How can I reach you?

    You can contact us at pride@utwente.nl. Prefer a conversation? Mail us and we will make an appointment.

  • What does Th!nk with Pride do?

    The working group strives for visibility of the LGBTQI+ community at the university in order to promote integration and create a diverse UT community where all individuals are equal and feel free to be themselves. With this visibility, we want to stimulate the conversation with each other, resulting in a university where you can be who you are!

    Th!nk with Pride wants to be an information platform for LGBTQI+ matters, for employees and students, that collects, supports and helps to promote various initiatives.

    The working group itself also organises activities to promote the visibility and thus the integration of LGBTQI+ people within the UT. These can be social activities, but also informative ones in the field of coming out and diversity in education and research.

  • Can I contact you for professional help?

    No, we do not offer professional help. However, we can listen to your problem and make suggestions for help, such as coaching and counselling by the university, or contact with the COC