The TELT Team

Using technology for teaching and learning

To further stimulate the effective use of technology, the UT recently established the TELT team. TELT stands for Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching. We are a multi-disciplinary team of experts from the fields of educational design, library and information technology. On our website you will find a lot of relevant information, reachable through Challenges that you might have with your course, or by exploring Solutions available.

Our mission is to assist our lecturers with incorporating new technologies for teaching and learning. We are there to help you from idea to realisation. You can make use of our services free of charge, since we are centrally financed. The only real restriction regarding our services is that we will try to put our efforts there where it will deliver innovation in your teaching and in the learning process of your students.

Getting in touch

If you want to discuss possibilities and ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us through, or visit us in Citadel H 415. In addition we organize so-called “TELT expositions” in the faculties on a frequent basis, where you can drop by and talk with us too. We will always announce the next TELT Exposition through our regular TELT newsletter on the employee portal.

TELT team

The TELT team

Members of the TELT Team are Laura Bergmans, Martin Bosker, Eduardo Hermsen, Wytze Koopal, Ard Kosters, Marloes Luttikhuis, Bé Meerman (who is the coordinator), Chris Rouwenhorst, Karen Slotman, Dennis Vierkant, Martine ten Voorde – ter Braack and Petri de Willigen.