Call for interest in pilot project
Interested in using Turnitin in your class?


Do you want your students to grade each other's work? Do you need a plagiarism check on student products? In need of a solution to efficiently grade student papers? TurnItIn offers a solution to these questions by using student peer feedback integrated with a grading and plagiarism solution. And now, you use it inside any Blackboard course.

Why Turnitin

You will probably get the best impression if you see for yourself:

How to use

TurnitIn has been integrated into Blackboard as a pilot. Please see contact information at the bottom of the page before you get started, as some features are still experimental.

To create a Turnitin assignment in your Blackboard course, please follow the following steps:

 1.       Turn on Turnitin in your course. In the left sidebar, click Customisation and then Tool Availability. In the resulting screen, add a checkmark next to ‘Turnitin Assignment (pilot)’.

2.       You can now create a Turnitin assignment through Assignments > Assessments:


3.       When making the assignment, please enter a title and description. Also Enable Evaluation to send the grades to the Blackboard Grade Centre:

4.       Once the assignment has been created, open it and go to Settings:

Detailed information about Turnitin settings can be found in the Turnitin/Blackboard User Guide.

The following are our recommended settings for plagiarism detection:

5.       One of the available settings is ‘Add PeerMark’. This turns the assignment into a peer review assignment. To read all about this, visit the Turnitin PeerMark instructions.

6.       Students can use the Turnitin Student instructions to learn how to turn in assignments, perform peer reviews, etc. They may also want to watch this short introduction video about the basics. Our interface looks a little different, but the functionality is basically the same. Please note: to start a PeerMark review, students have to click the Write Reviews pulldown at the top of the page:


TurnItIn is currently open for pilot projects at the University of Twente.  Please contact the TELT team if you are interested in a pilot.