ShakeSpeak is a voting tool that can be used during lectures to interact with your students.

After downloading the software, the teacher adds questions to a Powerpoint slide. During the actual presentation, the audience is invited to respond using their mobile phones or laptops. They can ‘vote’ on multiple choice questions or type in answers to open questions.

Reactions come in (anonymously or not, that's up to you) via SMS or internet, and are published real time on the presenter's screen. Results can be downloaded after the presentation.

Why Shakespeak

  • Poll the audience with questions about the learningmaterial.
  • Quickly check your students’ existing knowledge to gauge the level of instruction.
  • Receive open feedback to discuss as a group.
  • Use Shakespeak for diagnostic testing.

On this page you will find a short evaluation of first Shakespeak users.

How to use

ShakeSpeak is available through ZenWorks on any Windows-based workstation.  Shakespeak is also available on the Windows computers in te lecture halls at our university.

How to get started

A tutorial video gives more information about how to get started.

The ShakeSpeak Manual contains UT-specific info about installation and use.

To use Shakespeak for more than 20 students, you need a Shakespeak account (see the manual). You can e-mail  a request to  


For more information and support, contact