Mentorix is an online learning environment, created by the Danish company Eurekos. Its main features are:

  • Blended learning
  • Integrated use of multimedia and social media
  • Intuitive course building

Mentorix is currently in use as one of the pilot TELT programmes. Below are some resources for new users to get started.

Logging in

Please note that there are two options for logging in:

1.       Users with a UT account can log in at This page will open a screen where you can enter your m-number or s-number and your standard password.

2.       External users will receive an email with instruction for logging in with their email address and password. The URL for this type of user is

Training resources

Mentorix has published several short instruction films to help users get started. Below is an overview of these topics.

Student videos (in Dutch)

Students can watch the following short videos to become familiar with Mentorix. They are no more than 1 minute in length.


Overview of the profile page. How to change your photo or password.


Information about the Teams page. Sharing documents, team discussion.


Announcements, discussions, menu options.


Lecturer videos (in English)

The following videos have been created by Mentorix (also known as Eurekos) for lecturers. We recommend that you watch them in the order below:






Creating a course

Instruction how to use the course builder. Setting up the basic structure and adding text and objects.



Editing interface

How to edit a course. Use of widgets, adding images.



Introduction to H5P

One very useful feature is easy embedding of H5P content. These can be presentations, quizzes, interactive videos, etc. A quick introduction about H5P is given in this video. This is not a Eurekos video, but the functionality is the same.


We recommend watching the first 2 or 6 minutes which contain the following:

Minutes 1-2: basic introduction

Minutes 2-6: step by step instructions for creating content (content type 'Mark the Words')

Minutes 6-10: more advanced features (probably not useful)



H5P in Mentorix

How to add H5P content to your course in Mentorix


If you have any further questions about this, please contact your CELT contact person or