Making your video's interactive

Interactive video for your courses?


We can all understand that watching an instructional video (even if it is a short one) is quite passive. This might not lead to the best possible learning result for a student. But there’s is solution for actively engaging your students with a video. This can be done with what we call interactive video. You can now sign up for a pilot with interactive video.

What is it

With interactive video, we can enrich a video so that the student is required to become actively involved with the learning material. So, for example, we could embed a multiple-choice question in the video, that the student has to respond to. After answering the question, specific feedback can be provided to further guide the student’s learning.Hihaho logo

The TELT team has recently finished some research into possibilities of interactive video. We investigated roughly 10 software tools, based on several criteria. As an important criterion, we had defined user friendliness. Other aspects we looked at where to do with (licensing) costs and privacy. We also assessed if the software suppliers had experience in the educational market. Another important requirement was that the interactive video would be usable on all modern devices, i.e. mobile phones en tablets (responsive design).

The number 1 from our analysis was a startup company from the Netherlands, called HiHaHo. We have partnered up with this company to really get started with interactive video in this calender year, 2017. We are now looking for lecturers that would like to create and use interactive video.

How to do it

Basically, with HiHaHo we can add extra layers on top of the video. In every layer interaction types can be added to the video. See figure 1. Here we have chosen to use a video from the Vimeo library of our University. We are added a video of the Twente Science Week that we would like to enhance with interactive features. This interaction can be a question, or a clickable area on the video, or perhaps a link to other learning materials. Those interactions can be added by simply clicking on of the large buttons on the top right of the screen as shown.

Screen 1 HihahoFigure 1: Interaction types (buttons on the right)

Interactions can be placed on every point of the timeline of the video. You can see the timeline in the lower part of the figure 1. Adding a question is very straightforward. It is just a matter of one click and we can start typing the question itself, as well as the answers including the feedback that can be given once the student has chosen a specific answer. This is shown in figure 2 below.

Hihaho screen 2Figure 2: Adding a question and answers (on the right of this screen)

How to get started?

In 2017 we would like to start some pilot projects with lecturers using interactive video. If you are interested, please send us an email or click on the button on top of this article.