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Explain Everything


Explain Everything is a application for (a) creating screencasts and (b) presenting in and out of the classroom. It lets you animate, record, annotate, and present ideas, knowledge and understanding. Explain Everything is available for all the major operating systems (Windows, iOS, ChromeOS and Android).

Why Explain Everything?

Explain Everything can serve the following purposes:

How To Use?

Explain Everything (EE) can be used on computers with Windows, Apple iOS, ChromeOS and Android. It is not available for Mac OSX. There are some notable differences between the different versions. We have experienced that the Apple iOS version is the most feature-rich one. 


For more information on the usage of the Explain Everything tool, please visit the website of the supplier. For more advice on using Explain Everything as a screencast tool, or as an interactive whiteboard in the classroom, contact videoteam@utwente.nl. The video team can provide you with an activation code in order to use all features and (optionally) an iPad to try Explain Everything out for yourself.