Analysing and filtering questions for reuse in future exams

In the item bank, you can search for keywords or filter questions to find previously used material:

  1. In this search box, enter keywords or question IDs
  2. The filter icon opens a view where you can filter by property, category, question type and more 

You can also view statistics for each question that has been used in an exam:

  1. Next to each question, you can see whether it has been used before
  2. The graph button next to the question opens the Statistics tab 
  3. Various statistics are available. For an explanation of P and RIT values, please see the CELT website.
  4. The Compose page contains instructions for how to mark the course quartile, programme name and exam type to identify when a question has been used. These properties are shown on the Properties tab and can be used to filter questions. 

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