At the University of Twente, teachers can use BigBlueButton inside Canvas to host virtual classroom sessions. A virtual classroom is an online space that’s designed for learning. You can use the virtual classroom to conduct online video lectures, distance office hours and virtual student groups. This is especially useful when you want to teach distance courses to students that are studying around existing jobs, courses and commitments. 

What is BigBlueButton?

A virtual classroom typically includes live video and audio streaming and an interactive whiteboard set-up. With BigBlueButton you can do not only that, but also share slides and documents, start a poll, use break-out rooms to group students for team collaboration or give demonstrations of applications by sharing your screen.

You can watch a video tutorial of BigBlueButton here:

How to use BigBlueButton?

We recommend using BigBlueButton if you have a Canvas course (if you don't have a Canvas course, use Microsoft Teams instead). BigBlueButton is completely integrated with Canvas; which means no software is required. Hosting a virtual classroom session is easy: simply navigate to the page called Conferences in your Canvas course and start a conference. Students will get a notification from Canvas in their inbox with a link to join the session. More information on how to get started can be found in this Canvas guide.


If you have any questions or would like to know more, contact us at telt@utwente.nl. If you do not have your own Canvas course, we recommend you to use Microsoft Teams instead.