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Engage and assess students with Socrative on almost all modern devices (it works in most modern browsers). Socrative is a user friendly tool which can be used to interact with your students (voting) or can be used as a formative assessment tool or play an assessment game with your students.


  • Poll the audience with questions about the learning material.
  • Quickly check your students’ existing knowledge to gauge the level of instruction.
  • Use socrative for diagnostic testing.
  • You can use Socrative for free if your class size is less than 50. For larger groups, you are advised to use Wooclap instead. The University of Twente has obtained a campus license for Wooclap.


Socrative is online tool that works in every modern browser on most of today's devices. It is freely available on .

How to get started

On the Socrative website you have to create an account. After registering, you can start immediately with adding questions and quizzes.


For more information and support, contact