Exporting results

There are several reports that can be exported. These two are the most frequently used options:

1. Exporting all student results

You can export a detailed table with points per question per student:


  1. Click the tab Result details
  2. A tooltip displays the numeric ID and the question code for each question at the top. These will also be the column headers in the Excel export file.
  3. You can use the checkboxes to choose all or some results. For example, if a few students have not been finalized, you need to exclude them. This detailed report can only be generated for students where grading has been finalized.
  4. At the bottom of the page are dropdown boxes where you can choose Export to Excel.

2. Generating an Osiris worksheet

You can also generate a worksheet that can be imported into Osiris.

Please note: Currently, the worksheet is not formatted according to all UT conventions. The exam bureau may need help from TELT to import these grades. We are working on bringing the worksheet better in line with our use of Osiris.

The Osiris worksheet can be found on the Overview tab:

  1. Click Overview
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Export as Osiris worksheet

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