Classroom of the Future

Introduction video  

The Classroom of the Future is particularly suitable for stimulating active (group) learning. The remarkable, uneven setup of the room has a positive effect on the processes of:

  • teacher - student interaction
  • interaction among students in a group (collaboration)
  • interaction between/among groups

The Classroom of the Future

The facilities in the Classroom of the Future differ from the standard classrooms on various aspects that make some creative didactical methods possible. The aim for the Classroom of the Future is supporting new developments in didactical concepts.

Features of the Classroom of the Future are:

  • Plenary space: you can seat a maximum of 120 students. There is also the possibility to use the video wall or use multiple interactive boards (three to four).
  • Group spaces: enclosures for a maximum of six students. They can use the interactive boards (also only for presenting) and regular whiteboards. 
  • Video wall: for presenting in the plenary space the video wall is used.
  • Interactive boards. Interactive boards can be used as normal computer screens or as a wireless presentation screen (via wepresent software)
  • Lighting: in each section of the Classroom of the Future the lights can be regulated.
  • Software and applications: The software on the interactive boards is standard Windows software. For wireless presenting the Wepresent software is needed to make a connection.

Working in the Classroom of the Future

Please check out our tips :  Simple ideas to inspire in the ‘Classroom of the Future’ (PDF)

booking and information

Book directly through the selfservice portal of LISA (signon with ICT account is required).