Blackboard - Tests & Surveys


Tests and surveys are used to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students. Once created, tests and surveys can then be deployed in a course area. The differences between tests and surveys are:

  1. Test questions have points assigned to them for grading evaluation, whereas surveys do not;
  2. Survey results are anonymous, but you can see whether a student has completed a survey and view aggregate results for each survey question.

Pools are collections and groups of questions that can be included in tests and surveys. The advantage of using a pool is you do not have to remember all those questions and manually add them to each test or survey. Once a test or survey is built, questions are created or added from existing questions in tests, surveys, and pools.

why Blackboard Tests

Some faculty take a "flipped classroom" approach, using pre-lecture quizzes to help determine what topics need to be focused on during class time. Feedback can be provided to students, on a per-question basis, depending on whether or not they submitted the expected response.

There are ways to deter academic misconduct: randomizing questions and/or answers, pulling a random subset of questions from a larger pool, enforcing time limits, requiring students to complete the test in one sitting, and limiting students to answering one question at a time without being able to backtrack.

How to Use

There are two methods of creating Tests in Blackboard:

  1. If you create a Test from a content area (for example Assignments), the Test is also automatically deployed there (link created to the test for students).
  2. If you create a Test from the 'Tests, Surveys, and Pools' Tool (Control panel), you have deploy the test in a content area afterwards (so this is an extra step). This method might be handy if you are not sure yet where to present the Test to students.

Once created, all tests and surveys will be linked directly to the Grade Center.

When deploying a Test, you can select several options such as how many attempts are permitted, set a timer for the test, if students have to complete the test in one session and rules for showing results and feedback to the student. For example: you can select whether students can see their score and feedback immediately after submission, after the due date or after a specific date.


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