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Print & Scan for Remindo

Pilot status

We are currently piloting the Print & Scan functionality for Remindo (our digital testing application). If you would like to test this functionality, please contact us.


No matter how big the benefits of digital testing are, it can be difficult to organize digital tests for large groups of students (due to the lack of devices, for example). Next to that, some exam questions are simply easier to work out op paper instead of on a computer. 

Why Print & Scan

The UT has been using Remindo for digital assessment since 2017. However, some exams require that students show their calculation steps or produce a drawing or diagram on paper. Until now, it was not possible to use Remindo for these types of exams. That's why TELT is currently piloting the Print & Scan functionality for such exams.  

How to use

The Print & Scan functionality works as follows:

If the evaluation is positive, this examination method is likely to be added to the regular services of the examinations office. 


If you are interested in participating in a pilot, please contact telt@utwente.nl.