There are tools on the market that offer a secured environment for online exams (remote proctoring). These tools require the student to film themselves with a webcam, and their screen is locked to all other applications. After the exam, the recording can be reviewed and will flag any suspicious activity.

The CCOW and Board of Examiners platform have reviewed this option, and have consulted with ITC and the TELT team about their experiences. Their full policy is available in the document guideline remote assessment.

The CCOW conclusion is that online proctoring can be investigated for specific use cases. The TELT team is currently investigating available options using Proctorio in combination with Remindo. A preliminary review has yielded positive results, but currently proctoring will be limited to a pilot only. We will update you on this website about this project's developments. 

Please note that no proctoring solution can guarantee a fraud-free exam setting. In preparing their exams, lecturers are encouraged to choose an examination type that will limit the risk of fraud, as described in detail on this website.  

If you have any questions about this topic, please contact the TELT team. For any updates, please see also