To set up a monitored remote exam, the easiest method is to set up an assignment in Canvas.

Type of exam

Depending on the exam, the lecturer can choose to have the students work on paper or online:


Online Canvas assignment

Students are not allowed to use their PC; lower chance of fraud / communication during the exam

SimCheck can be used to reduce the chance of fraud

No extra work to transfer exam questions to another format (PDF upload in a one-question assignment is enough)

Students type in their anwers, which is easier to grade than an uploaded image of handwritten work

Information about setting up Canvas assignments can be found on the Canvas support pages.

Monitoring tasks

During the exam, you will be monitoring the students while they work. It is a good idea to have a second invigilator (TA) available if the group is more than a few students. As long as you are assisting one student, the rest will have to wait their turn, and it may be difficult to monitor students while also answering questions. You can keep a back channel in MS Teams or another application to communicate with your second invigilator. A shared spreadsheet for noting irregularities per student is also a good idea.

Technical issues

If students do not have a working webcam, you may want to allow them to use their cellphone to connect to Teams/Canvas Conference. You may want to do a test session before the exam, if time allows. If they need to use the cellphone as a last-minute backup option, make sure they have a charger connected.

Room / desk check

You may ask students to tilt their computer forward and show that they have nothing on their desk besides the permitted materials.

ID check

To ensure the people logged in are who they say they are, you can do an ID check. Tell students to put a message in the chat when they are finished, and not to log off yet. It is best to have a second invigilator (TA) available to help with this. The meeting host can put the TA and the student into a breakout room, and the student shows their ID on camera. If they do not have a student card and need to use a passport or national ID, please ask them to cover sensitive information such as BSN number. As with the whole session, recording or screen shots are not permitted under privacy regulations.

Resources for setting up Canvas Conference or MS Teams meetings