A colloquium can be organized online using Microsoft Teams Meetings. For more information about Microsoft Teams Meetings, visit the LISA support page.

We strongly recommend using a good quality headset. If you do not own one, you can request one here (home delivery is possible).


You may want to set up two parallel meetings: the Graduation Room and the Committee Room

Each participant connects to the Graduation Room via the link or email invitation. They can connect using a smartphone or web browser. If you participate from the browser, you will have to allow Microsoft Teams permission to use the camera and the microphone. However, most attendees will be on mute so any accidental noises don't interrupt the colloquium.

During the colloquium it is possible for the graduate to share the computer screen, for example to show a slide or give a demo. Use the “Share content” button at the top of the screen. It is recommended to test this beforehand.

After the graduation presentation and the questions, the committee can gather in the Committee Room for deliberation. As soon as the comittee members join the Committee Room, they will automatically be put on hold in the Graduation Room. Otherwise, they can also leave the Committee Room by pressing the red "Leave" button. In the meantime, the graduate student and any audience can continue to use the Graduation Room.

The graduate can be invited into the Committee Room, according to normal procedure. All committee members as well as the graduate then leave the Committee Room and reconnect with the Graduation Room, for final words and public congratulations.