See 1. Pre Recording Lectures

Explain Everything (Pencast)

Introduction to pre-recorded lecturing (pencast) in explain everything 

For now we are planning Q&A sessions once a week, on Wednesday. 

You can record your lecture by creating a Pencast, using the tool Explain Everything. When your lecture has a lot of equations, drawings, tables and/or your topic is difficult and needs more explanation than just a PowerPoint, then this tool is a good way to transform it to an online experience.

In the video below you get a quick overlook what the tool is all about


  • Mixed-media playground on an infinite canvas
  • Present on an interactive canvas for immediate control over your content.
  • Real-time and asynchronous collaboration
  • Collaborate and whiteboard together in real-time with voice chat on any-device, anywhere.
  • Voice chat
  • Create videos, just-in-time messages, stories, tutorials, and explanations by capturing your interactions and voice.
  • Recording, animation, and video editing
  • Sharing recordings via Web Video Links 
  • Share your projects as images, PDFs, videos, or editable projects. Share them as Web Video Links so others can stream your Explain videos.


  • Add Media – import media files to your project.
  • Draw Tool – annotate, draw, and write on the canvas.
  • Hand Tool – move, arrange, and interact with elements on the canvas.
  • Zoom and Pan – use to move around, zoom in, and out on the canvas.


  • Explain Everything License (UT)
  • Recent (2018) generation iPad (Pro) or tablet (android) 
  • Browser supported (some limitations) 
  • Stylus or Apple pencil 

How to Start?


Download the Explain Everything app in the App Store or Google Play Store.
When working on a desktop PC, you just can go to the website and login.
Obtain a Explain Everything UT license by emailing to

2. Prepare 

Create a script where you put in what you want to say (audio) and what you want to show (video). You can use this template for inspiration.
If you are going to use a PowerPoint, video, image, etc put it in a file sharing service, like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
Connect Explain Everything to your file sharing service.

3. Record a LECTURE

Record your lecture on your topic and try to keep it at a maximum length of 5-8 minutes.
When you get over 5-8 minutes, try to split the topics in different smaller topics.

4. Tips

  • Use multiple slides to explain your topic.
  • If you have trouble on recording both video and audio at the same time, focus on the video (writing) part first. When you are happy with this, record the audio.
  • Match your audio (speed and amount of speaking) to your writing.
  • Record on a quiet location with minimal distraction.

Need support?

Please contact your faculty’s E-Learning Specialist or TELT E-Learning specialist