Online live lectures


What is a live online lecture (webinar)?

An online lecture is real-time session which provide space for faculty and students to replicate many elements of face to-face instruction while online.

When to use it?

A online lecture can be useful when you:


The TELT-team has created a dedicated webpage with recommended tools for live lecturing. These are all tools that are currently supported by UT.

How to prepare it?

In this fact sheet you are going to make a lesson plan for an online lecture. 
We give you a lot of options per phase of a lecture, pick the options which suits you, the content and the students the best.

You might also want to share this checklist with your students:

  • Checklist for students who are planning to follow a live online lecture

    Your lecturer has planned to organize an online lecture, a so called webinar. A webinar is a real time session which provide space for faculty and students to replicate many elements of face to face instruction while online. The online lecture is announced by your lecturer (e.g. announcement on Canvas).

    Tips and tricks

    In the following checklist we inserted several tips and tricks. If you can check all the boxes you are ready for your online lecture with Canvas Conferences (a built-in feature of Canvas that can be used for online lecturing). In case you have any technical questions, please contact first your fellow students or your lecturer.   

    Before the lecture

    • I logged of from the VPN connection. VPN isn’t necessary to follow the online lecture, it will make the connection slower.
    • I downloaded the latest version of Chrome or Firefox
    • I checked my microphone, speakers and the webcam (a headset is recommended)
    • I entered the lecture 15 minutes before, to do a soundcheck.
    • I did my regular lecture preparation (reading materials, preparing questions, etc.)
    • I mute my microphone when I’m not speaking

    During the lecture

    • I’m aware that my lecturer isn’t able to answer my questions right away.  It might be that I have to wait for question time.
    • I’m aware that my lecturer isn’t able to read the chat and present at the same time. I will use the chat for example to help others with short in between questions, but only when necessary.

     After the lecture

    •  Take a look at the lecture recording if made available.


More tips & tricks can be found here