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TA-help.me in programming education


TA-help.me has been used in multiple courses, amongst them the programming courses of Ansgar Fehnker from the faculty EEMCS.

Why did you use TA-help.me?

My purpose was to help students better in the tutorials. I use it in all tutorials of all the programming courses. I use it from Canvas, where I start TA-help at the start of a tutorial and students can find it easily. Teaching Assistants keep an eye on the questions arising from the students, and can act on that.

How did you experience the use of TA-help.me?

TA-help.me makes it easier to manage questions from students, and also lowers the bar for students to ask questions. The fact that TA-help is not used as a "judgement tool", but as a "help tool", enables also the "hesistant" students to ask for help.

Having is integrated with Canvas makes it very easy to use it, though you will need some time to get familiar with the UI of TA-help.me.

How did the students experience the use of TA-help.me?

One time last year i wasn't able to use TA-help.me in 1 course, and the students where complaining about not having the tool in place.

What is your message to other colleagues?

It is a usefull tool, that does what it is supposed to do well!

More information

For more information, or how to use it in your course, check the TA-help.me link below.