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Experiences with ShakeSpeak

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(Inter-)action in education is of importance in order to stimulate and improve the learning process of students. In order to facilitate this principle, the (digital) market provides in online voting tools. Although there are obviously several tools available, the UT encourages in particular the tool Shakespeak. On this website you will find more information about the tool, several didactical tips for deployment as well as a user manual. Currently there are about 100 UT teachers with a Shakespeak- account, which they apply in their education in a greater or lesser extent. We would like to share some experiences with you.

Experiences from current users

Shakespeak is experienced as: 'useful, user-friendly and 'fun'. The tool contributes/stimulates in :

  • engaging & activating students; it sharpens students;
  • obtain information of the current level/understanding of possible bottlenecks of students in the learning process (in which the content can be customized)
  • keeps the teacher sharp/focused
  • it encourages depth & discussion; students f.e. want to know why they have not answered a survey question correctly

advice from current users

  • take enough time in advance to the mastering of the Shakespeak software (or any other tool you would like to use);
  • think thoroughly about the educational/didactic purpose and function of the tool in education; be reluctant with application of Shakespeak only 'because it is fun'.
  • be aware of excessive use in your lessons (every week, 20 questions each time, etc.);