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  • Is my data safe on XNAT?

    Yes. We have set up XNAT in such a way that your data is exclusively accesible by you or people to whom you have given access. Although we strive to make XNAT a sharing platform you may even hide your project from others using the detailed project settings.
    Furthermore XNAT's database is set up locally on UT peremises. These data servers are NEN 7510 certified. XNAT and its database are placed behind the UT's firewall.

  • Can everyone access XNAT?

    Everyone with an LDAP registration, those with an m-, s- or x-number, can gain access to XNAT. How to do so is shown here [link]. 

  • Why can I not create a project on XNAT Education?

    We have chosen to disable the possibility to create projects on XNAT education. This is due to the lack of account-variation. The XNAT webapplication can not distinguish between students and teaching staff. Project creation for XNAT Education is handeled trough a form which you can find here.