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Robotics is transforming many different industries. Its impact on manufacturing, for example, is fundamental, broad and disruptive and industrial robotics is the cornerstone of several high-value manufacturing industries. But the robotics market is ready for the next step and the use of robots is growing beyond ‘just’ being workhorses in industrial environments. Advanced robotics, co-bots and (near-)autonomous vehicles are entering the marketplace to assume the roles of surgical and rehabilitation assistants, telerobots and exoskeletons for remote safe and complex manipulation capabilities in the (petro)chemical industry, co-bots in manufacturing processes, and inspection vehicles (by land and air), just to name a few.

At the University of Twente, we are ready to play a leading role in expanding the field of robotics from factories to consumer and service sectors. We are ready to be the linking pin between businesses, governments and users in the further development and growth of robotics technology. Read more about it on the website of the Twente Robotics programme.

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