Research groups

Centre for Monitoring and Coaching

The Centre for Monitoring and Coaching (CMC) is a research centre at the University of Twente founded in 2015, that integrates the work of 3 different key disciplines – biomedical engineering (Biomedical Systems and Systems group, EWI), ICT science (Human Media Interaction, EWI) and behavioural science (Department of Psychology, Health and Technology, BMS) – to create high tech solutions with a human touch. CMC aims to research, develop and demonstrate beyond state of the art solutions for smart remote monitoring and artificial coaching and other services that support people with chronic conditions in their well-being. An important application area are the user interfaces and user experiences in (mobile) e-health coaching systems. Another area of special interest and expertise is the coaching, including both artificial coaching based on mathematical modelling and reasoning and the behavioural models developed by behavioural and social science. CMC integrates both approaches into new models and self-learning personalised coaching strategies that are able to support behaviour change in a persuasive and effective way. For more information on the CMC please visit the website

Interaction Design 

The Interaction Design (Department of Design, Production and Management, Faculty of Engineering and Technology) generates knowledge on how to design for the interaction between people and the technology they surround themselves with. The focus is on ways to design products and systems that people can understand and appreciate in a context where technological advancements fade the boundaries between hardware and software, device and users. A special application area of the Interaction Design group (IxDgroup) is the self-management of (chronic) diseases and care through eHealth. Within the IxD group, the focus is on the user perspective; people as being in control over their situation enabled by ICT. For more information on Interaction Design please visit the website.

Research Facilities

Design Lab

The DesignLab is a creative and cross-disciplinary ecosystem at the University of Twente, connecting science and society through design. Faculty and students from all fields work together with companies and governments to implement and develop scientific and technological insights that can be used in finding and shaping creative, innovative and meaningful solutions for complex societal challenges. For more information on the DesignLab please visit the website

BMS Lab persuasive health tech

The BMS Lab persuasive health tech, powered by Tech4People and located in the Gallery and in the Cubicus building, aims to seek solutions to social challenges by developing, evaluating and implementing state of the art technology. A high-tech environment provides the opportunities for smart innovations which can contribute to a multidisciplinary based social science research. For more information abou the BMS Lab persuasive health tech please visit the website.