Creating impact based on the results of research by bringing these results to the market can be accomplished through the creation of a spin-off or through licensing and collaborating with large and small companies. The Novel-T Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) supports researchers of the University of Twente in the entire process: from scouting & screening to protection of results to building a business case to starting a spin-off or contacting companies for licensing. The business developers of the KTO provide all necessary support. 


Bringing a novel TechMed product to market is usually a costly process. Therefore it is desirable to be able to avoid others to copy the product. A patent secures the investments in the product development as the company is able to prevent others to copy the product.

The policy of the University of Twente is to file patents only in case there is a potential business case. The Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) is responsible for filing ot the patents as well as the dealmaking and transfer of the patents.

Novel-T Services

Novel-T is shaping a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem that accelerates entrepreneurship and high-tech innovation. This drives the economy of the region by connecting and activating talent, knowledge, capital, networks and infrastructure.

Novel-T is providing legal advice, access to finance (specifically for startups), stimulates knowledge transfer, offering business coaching, early business development bootcamps, pitch and match sessions and a student startup program.  See for more info on the Novel-T website.

TechMed Spinoffs

One way to transfer the knowledge from research to the market is by setting up a new company, a so called spin-off. These are companies which are based on IP from the University of Twente. The Novel-T Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) supports the creation of these spin-offs and is responsible for the IP transfer.

An overview of the TechMed spin-offs can be found here.