Assessment procedure

Proposal requirements

The receipt of the research proposal will be confirmed. Next, it will be determined whether the proposal meets the general requirements with regard to composition of project group and proposal format (completeness, size and inclusion of a budget plan.  

Assessment of the proposal

The PIHC Innovation Fund has appointed an assessment committee representing all four partners of the fund to assess and evaluate the submitted proposals (max. 2 persons per partner). The committee consists of 

Each partner in the assessment committee scores the submitted proposals on an assessment form with all criteria as described below. Projects can score a total of 11 to 55 points based on all criteria.  

The scores and discrepancies in the scores are being discussed in a meeting of the assessment committee. A unanimous advice concerning the awarding of the vouchers to the projects will be presented to the board of the PIHC Innovation Fund.  

Decision to award the vouchers

The board of the PIHC Innovation fund will make the ultimate decision in the awarding of the vouchers to projects. The board consists of 

The vouchers will be awarded during the PIHC Award ceremony for which all applicants are invited. 

Assessment criteria (1-5 points each)