Objectives of PIHC

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Long-term collaboration

The PIHC Innovation Fund aims to facilitate the introduction of innovative technology into the clinic. Therefore, a bottom-up, project-driven approach is chosen in which clinicians and scientists jointly address specific clinical issues. Innovation vouchers  are awarded to project teams as seed money that participants can use to test the feasibility of their ideas and evaluate the potential for developing them further. By organizing regular meetings and matchmaking events, serendipity and new collaborations are facilitated. The fund aims for long-term collaboration between parties.

Impact on health care

By initiating the fund, the enormous research potential in the Twente and Salland region is directed towards improved patient care. The innovation fund will therefore ultimately benefit patients, not necessarily limited to the region. To ensure this impact on health care, the fund emphasizes the importance of valorization in its projects. The partners involved in the fund provide a solid base for valorization of the medical innovations. However, the fund aims to grow further and is always looking for new, additional partners.

Size of the fund

Together, UT, Saxion, MST, ZGT and Deventer Hospital provide a yearly budget of €600,000 for the PIHC Innovation Fund and are committed to long-term continuation of the programme. In 2020, Reggeborgh Medical will contribute 1 voucher of 60.000,- for PIHC research.  

Every year, a call for proposals is published for researchers of UT and Saxion and medical specialists MST, ZGT and Deventer Hospital. At the end of the year the innovation vouchers are awarded. Projects have to start within 6 months after the voucher has been awarded and the project duration is maximum 12 months.