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TechMed Workshop Series:
Remove the barriers to market readiness

The TechMed Workshop Series ‘Remove the Barriers to Market Readiness’ is a one-year-course of workshops for (future) entrepreneurs in the field of medical technology. The workshop series covers the most important, but also most challenging topics required for the development and production of a safe, reliable and useful medical device. During the course of 1 year, 6 workshops are organized for (future) entrepreneurs in the medical device industry, taking place every 2 months on an afternoon and focusing on one specific topic every session. It is possible to attend the complete course, but also separate workshops.


1. CE marking

14 June 2018

2. Involving end-users in design process

9 October 2018

3. Risk management

25 October 2018

extra. Clinical Validation

13 November 2018

4. Production of medical devices in low quantities

04 December 2018

5. Design verification & validation

14 February 2019

6. Medical devices: Controlled from design to production

18 April 2019 

The workshop are organized by the partners of the TechMed Living Lab; University of Twente, Holland Innovative, Unitron and Panton. By sharing their knowledge and expertise in the workshops series the TechMed Living Lab partners aim to bring medical innovations 1 TRL level further and closer to a successful market introduction. The TechMed Living Lab receives funding from ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) via OP-Oost (Operational Programme East Netherlands) and the workshops can therefore be offered free of charge.

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