Holland Innovative
Holland Innovative is a leader in coaching and supervising organizations in project management, product & process development and reliability engineering. A multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals develops and implements reliable, adequate and structural solutions. Holland Innovative delivers intelligent and practical tailor made solutions according to the voice of the customer and the voice of the business. The point of departure is the Six Sigma methodology to handle problems in a structured way and to make decisions based on hard data.

Design studio Panton works on innovations for care. With the help of a good design, they want to make the healthcare more intuitive and effective. Characteristic in Panton's approach is to increase user-friendliness for end users. An important expertise of Panton is to perform and analyse simulation and user studies on hygiene, safety and behaviour analysis both in care and simulated environments. In addition, Panton translates its experiences to Medidee: a practical, clear method of converting practical problems from healthcare institutions into market-driven solutions.

Unitron is a manufacturer of high-quality medical and industrial appliances. Unitron is active on various markets worldwide as an innovative partner of leading quality-oriented market players. Unitron’s core activity is developing and manufacturing complex mechatronic and electronic appliances, starting from a product idea, a prototype or sometimes even with a complete product from a customer. Unitron then coordinates the service package to the customer’s request. 

University of Twente
The University of Twente employs an extensive expertise in the field of innovative medical technology. The strength of the expertise lies in the synergy between the knowledge of both technological and medical research and education, the presence of state-of-the-art facilities and a strong history of entrepreneurship.