Within the TechMed Living Lab, the Univesity of Twente offers the use of the ECTM facilities for testing medical innovations. These facilities include:

Simulated operating room
The ECTM's operating room is equipped with a variety of medical equipment and can be adapted to suit the needs of the user. Also, audio and video recordings of (user) studies are possible in a closed system. The OK features a Brainlab Buzz system, a VectorVision navigation system, a Karl Storz endoscopic tower, various orthopaedic tools, tools and setup for general surgery etc.

Simulated Intensive Care
The ECTM Intensive Care is equipped with a Dräger IC bridge with a patient monitor (Dräger Infinity) and a fan (Dräger Evita XL). A Human Patient Simulator (CAE Healthcare) can be controlled from the adjoining control room, allowing very realistic simulations of medical (emergency) situations. This room is also equipped with A/V recording equipment.

Consultation spaces
Nine rooms are available for mimicking of consultation and other professional conversations. One direction room is available to coordinate the A/V recordings and surveys of all spaces. The ECTM maintains a network of simulation patients, consisting of dedicated and trained volunteers and actors.

Experimental Medical Diagnostics Laboratory
Physiological experiments with subjects take place in the EMDL, including exercise tests and transcranial magnetic stimulation tests. The EMDL is equipped with a shower and changing room, EEG equipment, an Esaote G-scan Brio MRI scanner (in building Meander), various ultrasound systems (Siemens), a Whristalyzer and Oxycon Pro & Mobile systems.

Advanced Simulation Rooms
The ECTM simulation rooms provide a comprehensive range of simulators for training specific clinical interventions. The ECTM has multiple laparoscopy simulators (Surgical Science LapSIM, ProMIS), Simbionix US Mentor Ultrasound Simulators, Simbionix AngioMentor, Simbionix GI Mentor & GI Express Simulators.

Clinical Examination Rooms
Four examination rooms are available for training and testing of medical interventions, catheterizations, punctures, endoscopy experiments, etc.

Radiation Lab
The Radiation Lab, equipped with multiple clinical X-ray systems and state-of-the-art measuring equipment is available for practical sessions and to test realistic radiation issues.

Conference rooms and auditorium
The ECTM has a number of pre- and debriefing rooms, which are equipped with A/V equipment and videoconferencing facilities, and an auditorium with a capacity of 60 people.