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30 January 2018 NEUROCIMT workshop Feedforward on BIO-feedback

NEUROCIMT Workshop - Feedforward on (bio-)feedback: Closing the loop in biomedical research and design

One of the cross-cutting themes in the NeuroCIMT program is feedback and biofeedback. This is an interesting and emerging topic in many biomedical research projects and essential in closing the loop: it is the end-effector for change in body function and human activity.
To encourage interactions among PhD students and post-docs, the NeuroCIMT program committee organizes a workshop on this theme. The program is versatile in terms of scope and approach: feedback mechanisms at all relevant levels are investigated: from neural reflexes to behavioral change involving cognition; we look at human media interactions research and applied theories and products; from visual and auditory to haptic feedback; from the clinical perspective to the technology perspective.

The workshop is specifically organised for the PhD students and post docs in the NeuroCIMT program. To prepare for the second, more interactive part, of this workshop NeuroCIMT PhDs and post docs(*) are requested to read the entire NeuroCIMT project proposal, focus should be especially on those parts that do not directly relate to their own project. Other participants of the program and outside the program are welcome to join as well. However, researchers outside the program cannot take part in the second part (from 15.10 onwards).

WHEN: January 30 from 11.00-17.00

WHERE: University of Twente, Room: Carre 3H

Preliminary program

11:00 Opening of the workshop
11:10 Prof. dr. Jan van Erp (University of Twente) – Vibrotactile Feedback research.
11:50 Dr. Harm op den Akker (Roessingh Research & Development) – Feedback for behavioral change.
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Dr. Erwin van Wegen (VUmc) – Feedback in rehabilitation and clinical research.
14:10 Dr Selma Papegaai (Motek) – Motek’s approach to feedback.
14:50 Break
15:10 Making an advice for (bio-)feedback research/design.
16:00 Presentation of advises and feedback from experts and researchers.
16:45 Closing & Drinks

Each presentation will consist of 30 minutes presentation and 10 minutes questions.

On behalf of the NeuroCIMT programme committee

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