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High Tech Knowledge Transfer

The University of Twente has extensive knowledge of Smart Industry and Technical Medicine. This knowledge can help the relevant regional business community with innovation. The High-Tech Knowledge Transfer project facilitates this knowledge transfer. How exactly? We developed new forms of knowledge dissemination, from our researchers and students. To stimulate the knowledge dissemination process, we regularly organise event. For our past and upcoming events visit our Event Calander.

Knowledge dissemination by researchers

Pitch&Match Science-to-Business

The Pitch&Match approach has already proved a success in knowledge dissemination between businesses over the last few years. Now, this method will be used to share information between university and business community and to stimulate new collaborations, taking into account current topics and themes, and the needs of businesses.

Inspired-by-Science meetings

Speakers from academia, business and clinic will present state-of-the-art developments in a certain field of medical technology or specific problem in health care. By bringing together an audience of researchers, end-users and business experts and provide room for discussion, knowledge exchange will be ensured.

Knowledge dissemination by students

Students from university Masters courses provide an important contribution to scientific research and thus generate interesting knowledge for the business community. To ensure that small and medium-sized companies can benefit from this knowledge and innovations will be developed further after internship, the Triangle student-business-clinic will be developed.

Triangle student-business-clinic

By achieving a connection between university, business and clinic, we unlock knowledge from the clinical research projects by the Technical Medicine course. During the last two years of the Masters course, students carry out research projects under the guidance of the University of Twente researchers and medical specialists. The aim of this triangle is to provide small and medium-sized companies access to academic knowledge in an early stage and therefore, to disseminate any new knowledge the best possible way.

Made possible thanks to ERDF subsidy

The University of Twente and Novel-T receive ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) subsidy from the European Union and the Province of Overijssel for various projects. ERDF supports projects aimed at innovation. The project started in the spring of 2016 and will continue for at least two years.