This nomogram is developed as a clinical decision aid for physicians to predict conditional locoregional recurrence risk during the first five years after curative treatment. The model is validated for patient with early invasive breast cancer (T1-3NanyM0) without neo-adjuvant treatment or residual disease.

Women who experienced breast cancer are advised to consult with their physician before undertaking any healthcare related actions or decisions. The output of the nomogram is no substitute for clinical judgement.

Great care is given to the development of the nomogram. Still, the predicted probabilities may differ from the true probabilities of locoregional recurrence. No warranties are given regarding the accuracy, completeness, correctness or timeliness of any information from this page. The University of Twente, the Comprehensive Cancer Organisation the Netherlands (IKNL) or any other party are not liable or otherwise responsible for any decision or action based on the risk prediction from the nomogram.

The nomogram is not intended for commercial use. Only for personal use permission is granted without fee or written agreement. Specific user information will not be recorded.

By proceeding with the use of this model, the user agrees to have read these terms and fully agrees with its contents.