Procedures & Guidelines

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The eHealth House provides a simulated living environment where technology can be tested in a realistic but controlled setting. The eHealth House can be used for research, education, and developments in the field of health technology but is primarily focused on innovations in mobile and digital health technology.

The eHealth House facilities are free to use for students and employees that are part of the TechMed Centre or Personalized eHealth Technology programme. Users from other institutes within or outside the University of Twente that want to use the eHealth House facilities can contact the TechMed Simulation Centre to discuss possibilities for usage.


To use the eHealth House facilities, you need to make a request first. For a selection of activities listed below, you can make a direct request. Larger activities need to be requested via the approval procedure:


Direct request

Approval procedure

For what?

-          Meeting

-          Demonstration or visit

-          Short test of experimental set-up

-          Use of mobile equipment only

-          Research projects

-          Experiments with human subjects

-          Education

-          Repeated visits

-          Activities of external users

For whom?

Only for UT students or employees that are part of the TechMed Centre or Personalized eHealth Technology programme



Contact reception of TechMed Simulation Centre to reserve facilities

Fill in the application form for approval

If you are not sure whether you can make a direct reservation or need to make a request via the approval procedure, please contact the reception of the TechMed Simulation Centre.


Activities that require approval can be requested via the application form. The eHealth House coordinator will then evaluate the application within one week. The eHealth House coordinator checks whether your activities can be facilitated/supported and whether these activities are within the scope of the eHealth House. Possible outcomes of the evaluation:

·         Disapproval: The proposal is rejected (i.e. if facilities are not available)

·         Referred: The proposal will be referred to the eHealth House steering committee for approval (i.e. long-term projects, external activities). Response time: 3 weeks

·         On hold: The proposal needs adaptation or further discussion

·         Approval: The proposal is accepted

After approval of your procedure, you can reserve the eHealth House facilities via the reception of the TechMed Simulation Centre. 


The eHealth House lab space or meeting room can be reserved via the reception of the Techmed simulation Centre after your activity request has been approved. Equipment can also be reserved via the reception of the TechMed Simulation Centre. 

Note: as the eHealth House is a shared facility where we want to support as many people as possible, it is possible that the facilities are not available for some time. We ask for your understanding and flexibility. In case conflicting activities are expected, the steering committee of the eHealth House will prioritize activities.


Access to the eHealth House lab or meeting room can be obtained via the Techmed Simulation reception. Student assistants can open the door of the rooms, or lend an electronic key to users. 

Equipment that is not part of the basic inventory of the eHealth House can also be picked up and returned at the TechMed Simulation reception


Student assistants of the Techmed Simulation reception can provide general information about the eHealth House and its facilities and can refer users for further support if needed.  

House rules

Human studies

The eHealth House can be used for experiments with human subjects, as long as the following criteria are met:

More information and support.

Data management

The eHealth House has systems available that can be used to collect and store data. We are currently working on a data management structure to support the collection of data using systems of the eHealth House.

If you are using the eHealth House, be aware that you are responsible for the correct collection, processing, and storage of data according to guidelines stated by the University of Twente and Dutch laws.

For more information go to the website about research data management. 

We will remove data periodically from all equipment in the eHealth House, so make sure you will export and delete any data related to your research directly after collection.