parallel sessions

In the afternoon parallel sessions we present work of three of the University of Twente’s multidisciplinary strategic programmes, but moreover we provide the opportunity for visitors to pitch their visions, solutions, problems, questions or ideas for collaboration related to the specific topic and discuss with the audience. We hope this will result in new insights or ideas to further improve healthcare!

personalized ehealth technology

Personalized eHealth Technology

Use advances in technology to create innovative personalised eHealth services that contribute to a sustainable, efficient and effective healthcare, especially for citizens with chronic conditions. More information about the research program.

Programme manager
dr. M. Cabrita (Miriam)
Programme Manager 'Personalized eHealth Technology'
Health Tech Implementation

Health Tech Implementation

What is needed to bring health technology successfully to the market? Why is implementation so difficult? Together with healthcare professionals, patients, business and science, we as TechMed Centre want to improve the translation, adoption, safe and effective use of health technology. Come join us and discuss with us how TechMed can make the difference. 

Programme Manager
W. Kenter MSc (Wander)
Program Coordinator Health Technology Implementation
Healthcare Robotics

Healthcare Robotics

Linking business, government and users in surgical robotics, wearable robotics & rehabilitation and social robotics, to create poeple-centered robotics. More information about the research program

Programme Manager
drs. I. Bante (Iddo)
Business director