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TOPFIT symposium: Diabetes on Return 2.0

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Diabetes on Return Event

Diabetes is a serious disease. In the Netherlands, about 1.2 million have diabetes, and this number is increasing every year. The disease often leads to all kinds of serious physical problems: poor circulation, nerve damage, eye and ear complaints, kidney problems, heart disease and much more. People with diabetes have high levels of sugar in their blood and need to keep them in balance. Medicines help, but a healthy lifestyle also plays an increasingly important role in the treatment - and even cure for some patients - of diabetes.

It is very important to ensure that the number of people with diabetes is decreasing and that the disease is less severe for those who do get it. At this point, not enough is known about the disease to really control it. The Diabetes on Return consortium is looking for new ways to make this possible. Scientific institutions, health care facilities, and technology, nutrition and care companies, together and with the close involvement of people with diabetes themselves, are developing tools to provide personalized support to patients.

The first annual Diabetes on Return meeting will take place on June 25. A good time to get to know Diabetes on Return and to work towards a 2.0 version of the consortium. During the morning program, you will be informed about current initiatives on diabetes from the perspective of healthcare, industry and knowledge institutions. In the afternoon we will discuss how to shape our joint ambition to reduce diabetes and its impact within the consortium.

The program

Where & When

  • Date: 25 June 2021
  • Time: 10.30 AM - 2.30 PM 
  • Language: English
  • Location: Online
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Dr Niti Pall | International Diabetes Federation European Region

Blueprint for Action on Diabetes in the EU by 2030
Dr Pall will discuss how people living with diabetes can be put at the heart of European health policies to ensure a person-centred and outcome-based approach. She will address what can be done collectively to bend the curve on the diabetes pandemic, improve the lives of EU citizens living with diabetes and reduce health inequalities as well as the societal and financial burden for all. Dr Pall will present the MEPs Mobilising for Diabetes (MMD) Blueprint that covers the whole spectrum of actions to be implemented to improve the lives of people living with diabetes in Europe. The recommendations are articulated around three key priorities: reducing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and diabetes-related complications, integrating care and enabling access.

Dr. K.D.R. Kappert | ZGT

Diabetes technology in health practice
Kilian Kappert is currently research coordinator and technical physician at ZGT, Almelo. He coordinates studies on the subject of diabetes for both the internal medicine and surgery department. These studies range from data driven technologies for the analysis of continuous glucose monitoring to imaging techniques for monitoring ulcers. In 2020 successfully defended his thesis based on his research at the Head and Neck Oncology and Surgery department at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and the University of Twente.

Madelon Bracke | clear.

clear. is a tech start-up (founded in 2019) with a scientific basis. The company focuses on data-driven personalized nutritional advice based on glucose monitoring, food, drink and exercise logging, and AI analysis via its own app. With this (bio) data-driven approach, users are enabled to make adjustments to their meals, and to align them well with what their body needs. In a year and a half, Clear has helped more than 1000 consumers with insights into their biology, adjustments in their diet and lifestyle, and achieving their personal (health) goals.

Dr. Marjan van Erk | TNO

Lifestyle as medicine - Type 2 Diabetes

Prof. dr. Martin Bennink | Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Molecular sensing technologies for diabetes
I will present the first results of our current activities in developing new biomolecular sensing technologies into devices for diagnosing and managing diabetes. Using integrated photonics, we are currently developing a sensor for measuring insulin concentrations. Aim is develop a benchtop device that is able to fast screen persons at risk for an increased insulin concentration. This increased insulin indicates a deregulated metabolism, very likely to further develop into diabetes type II in a number of years.


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