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Food & Cognition | The Online SME cafe: Smell & eating behavior and loss of smell at Corona | Session 2 (of 8)

Session 2 (OF 8): Smell & eating behavior and loss of smell at Corona

How important is smell for our eating behavior? And what happens if we can no longer smell properly, as a large proportion of people worldwide with COVID-19 experienced? In this session we will discuss the importance of smell in eating behavior with an expert from the field - Wim Vaessen from Essensor - and an expert from science - Sanne Boesveldt from Wageningen University. We also ask how COVID-19 has influenced their daily work and what insights (in terms of innovations and science) it has brought them.

During each session, a scientist and SME will shed teir light on the subject and how does that relate to recent developments? What can SMEs learn and use? We look for areas of tension, challenge participants to actively think about solutions and perhaps you will meet a new collaboration partner during the event to change your dining experience with the help of technology?