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Innovation Meets Industry Pre-session: LIFE LONG LEARNING



Join us on 22 October (16.00h) for a TechMed Event pre-session about Life Long Learning. Hosted by Marije Hahnen-Florijn & Michelle Heijblom.

Medical technological developments are following each other in rapid succession. A 'Life Long Learning facility' for medical professionals is of importance to keep up with all these new technologies. In this digital session we will guide you through Techmed Academy's offer. In a nutshell we will give you an impression of our Life Long Learning organization regarding for example; our unique pedagogical principles and in what way this manifests into our training programs. We will also guide you through our simulation centre as an essential facility in our education. And finally, we will give you a glimpse into some courses in action.

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22 October , 16.00h (CET)


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Welcome & speakers introduction

Marije Hahnen, University of Twente

An introduction of Life Long Learning at the TechMed Academy

Marije Hahnen, Project manager Life Long Learning - The Technical Medical Centre | University of Twente

Education at TechMed Centre

Dr. Heleen Miedema, Director of the Education Division of The Technical Medical Centre | University of Twente

The state-of-the-art facilities: An impression of the Simulation Centre at TechMed Centre 

Sebastiaan Waanders MSc, Head of TechMed Infra/Simulation Centre - The Technical Medical Centre | University of Twente

Expertise in Simulation education

Dr. Marleen Groenier, Researcher Human factors, The Technical Medical Centre | University of Twente

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