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Health Robotics Pre-session: MRI GUIDED INTERVENTIONS

Health Robotics

Pre-session: MRI Guided interventions

Robotics is an advancing field with many opportunities in supportive, care and surgical applications. In surgical robotics, the challenge is to provide 'eyes' to coordinate the 'hands'. Real-time, high-resolution imaging of so-called soft tissues (blood vessels, nerves, etc.) is challenging. This session focusses on surgery with robotics. And how to link these excellent innovation projects to market-ready concepts and clinical introduction. What is the route to success?  

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October 13, 15.00 CET


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Welcome & introduction speakers  Stefano Stramigioli (session chair)

MRI compatible robot system; from design to collaboration Francoise Siepel, University of Twente

The route of robotic succes; from collaboration to market

Ton van den Hoven, Machnet Medical Robotics




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