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Collaborations in technology and care: Symposium University of Twente and University Medical Centre Groningen

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Note: this is an internal event for researchers and Medical professionals of the UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE, UMCG AND RUG.

The Online Symposium

Technological innovation is essential to continue providing excellent care in a changing health and care landscape. More and more, innovative knowledge and technology has shown high promise to be a key enabler for the necessary changes in these processes. However, progress in technology will only thrive when working together.

UMCG's mission is to provide high-quality and innovative care based on patient-oriented research. This research combines medical and technological knowledge, so that innovative care brings new treatment possibilities to the patient that are both evidence-based and see application of technology. The applications of technological innovations in first in clinical use programs make this possible. The UT as a technological university is a natural partner in this mission. The TechMed Centre of the UT is a leading Innovation Hub impacting healthcare by excellent Research, Innovation and Educational programmes. It has as mission to improve technology by personalized. Together, the UMCG and the UT are leading in the development and application of technological innovation in healthcare. In order to further strengthen this development and to explore new possibilities, the UT and UMCG will join forces in organizing the “collaborations in technology and care” symposium.

Aim of the event 

The aim of the symposium is to explore existing research collaborations between the two universities, and to discover possibilities for new collaborations. The symposium aims to provide a platform for identifying, consolidating and improving contacts between researchers from the University of Twente and healthcare professionals and researchers from Groningen. In this symposium, different researchers will have the possibility to shortly pitch their research, in order to find new partners and find ground for collaboration.

So are you a researcher who is involved in the development of technology for medical applications and clinicians who are involved in technological innovation in the clinic, and are you ready to make the next steps together with a partner who is as driven as you are? Then join us to explore new possibilities on October 6th. 

Detailed program

The detailed program follow soon

For whom

  • Researchers from the University of Twente and University of Groningen
  • Medical professionals from University Medical Centre Groningen

Where & when

  • 6 October 2020
  • 15.00 - 17.00
  • This is an online event.
    One week before the event you will receive information about the online tool and pitch planning.
  • Language: English


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