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Support of cancer patients: Inform, choose, monitor and empower! Symposium: Friday september 13th 2019 | 10.00 – 16.00 uur |

This symposium gives an overview of the state of the art of the personalized support for cancer patients.

Care for cancer patients is increasingly personalized. Treatments are more and more tailored to the tumor characteristics and the patient and his or her preference. To be able to deliver this personalized care and implement the innovations and new knowledge well it is necessary to know as much as possible about the effects of treatment on both short and long term. These effects are both the wanted and unwanted effects such as late cardiac complaints or fatigue.

Moreover, the patient has to be informed about all options and the expected effects to make a deliberate choice together with his or her care givers. Patients get more in control and can move on with their lives after finalizing the treatment. Moreover, monitoring patients by e-Health tools and patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) we gather new data which can contribute to new knowledge about Value Based Health Care: care which counts and leads to an optimal quality of life.

The Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organization (IKNL) and the University of Twente are engaged in organizing this second joint symposium to give insight in daily practice of shared decision making in (breast) cancer care and to give an impulse to the support of patients to make choices based on tailored information.

Subjects which will be presented are:

• PROMS: Quality of life in cancer patients

  • Value Based Health Care in cancer
  • Shared decision making
  • Right to know and right not to know
  • eHealth options for empowering of patients

Key-players in the field of research and clinical practice will guide you through these different subjects:

  • Prof. dr. Lonneke van der Poll, Netherlands Cancer Institute Antoni van Leeuwenhoek / Tilburg University and IKNL will elaborate on the measurement of quality of life in the Profiles Registry (
  • Prof. dr. Jan Hazelzet, Erasmus University Rotterdam will elaborate on Value Based Health Care.
  • Prof. dr. Miriam Vollenbroek, science coordinator ZGT


The program starts at 10.00 hours and ends at 13.30 hours.

At 13.30 hours a lunch will be served. Participation is free of charge.

Language: English

Location: Vrijhof, de Veldmaat 5 (nr. 47 on the map of the University Twente)

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PhD defence

Following this symposium Kelly de Ligt, junior researcher at IKNL and PhD student at the University of Twente will defend her thesis “Towards personalized breast cancer care: variation in treatment and follow-up from the patients’ perspective” at 14.30 hours.

Location: de Waaier, Hallenweg 21 (zie nr. 12 on the map of the University Twente)