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Internal symposium Twente Robotics

This is an internal event for UT- and Saxion-members.

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The Twente Robotics Symposium is low barrier event mainly to get to know other robotics or robotics related researchers of University of Twente. The agenda typically consists of 3 parts:

15:00 -15:30 presentation by Timo Roestenberg, Robotic Systems Business Unit Manager at Demcon

15:30 – 16:00 10 x 3 minute pitches of various groups of the UT (and Saxion):

Nicolo Botteghi

Learning navigation skills with reinforcement learning

Beril Sirmacek

Online UAV path planning with a SLAM-based approach for 3D reconstruction and inspection of unknown objects

Douwe Dresscher

Twente Robotics in the ANA Avatar XPRIZE

Jakub Sikorski

Magnetic Steering for Flexible Surgical Robots

Cristina Bayón Calderón

Symbitron exoskeleton: the way to win Cybathlon 2020

Daniel Davison

Classroom robot for enquiry learning

Ronald Aarts

Flexure-based over-actuated mechanism for increased range of motion

Michiel Heldeweg

Try first and ask for forgiveness later? Why and how a legal governance strategy in robotics may make more sense…

Hanieh Esmaeeli

Aerial inspection and maintenance

Frank vd Velde

Cognition with and for robots

16:00 – 17:00 time to visit the 5 - 10 demonstrations related to the pitches, and interact with the researchers.

At the end of the year a Robotics event will be organized for external UT relations 

Invited talk by Timo Roestenberg, Robotic Systems Business Unit Manager at Demcon

DEMCON sees great opportunities for robotics in the future. We are increasingly seeing an awareness of the potential of robotics in the market and, consequently, a rapidly increasing demand for the development of robotics solutions for a range of applications. Industrial robots have been used in production processes for a long time, but also the mobile robot, which is capable of performing the “Dull, Dirty & Dangerous” tasks, is taking off. In the first instance this question will be answered by robots that can be controlled remotely, but certainly in the future, as acceptance increases, more and more demand will come for robots with a high degree of autonomy. Man will shift from "in the loop" to "on the loop" to "out of the loop".

To answer this question, the Robotic Systems business unit was set up at DEMCON, focused on obtaining relevant knowledge for the development of mobile robotics. There is a consolidated roadmap to have the right competencies across sites, to be able to tackle challenging robotics development projects in the future. This of course in addition to the ongoing commercial development projects in the robotics field.