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DIH-HERO: The Brokerage Event

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Are you active in the domain of medical robotics and interested to apply for one of the open calls? Come to the DIH-HERO Brokerage event to be informed on the open calls, find your cross-border partner(s) and increase the chance of a succesfull call submission.

SMEs and slightly larger companies located in Europe can apply for funding in open calls from summer 2019 until spring 2021. Funding will be available for travelling, the development of demonstrators and technology transfer experiments. DIH-HERO offers this Brokerage program to stimulate the cross-border matchmaking between companies and with end users. The program will include presentations of keynote speakers who are experts in the main healthcare robotics domains, examples of success stories for inspiration of suitable projects for the upcoming calls, exhibition of the innovation hubs and many opoprtunitites for (pre-arranged) face-to-face meetings. We will inform about the calls, services and open infrastructures (such as living labs, testbeds etc.) that are available within the DIH-HERO community. Finally, we will provide the opportunity for a quick evaluation of your pre-proposal.  

Want to participate The Brokerage Event, but travel expenses are too expensive?
More informatation about the Travel Voucher Call
SME's who are travelling cross-border to Enschede (The Netherlands) can aplly for the Travel Voucher Call to cover the travel expenses (max. of € 2.000,- per voucher). 

program day 1 - 30 October

Program overview

program details

08.30 - 09.30: Registration and coffee

We welcome you for day 1 of sharing knowledge, sharing experiences and networking with fellow healhcare robotics companies and entrepreneurs at The TechMed Cenrte at the campus of the University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands).

09.30 - 11.00: Plenary program part 1

Welcome to the TechMed Centre
Ir. Remke Burie MBA - Managing director Technical Medical Centre

The official opening of The Brokerage Event will be done by the Managing Director of TechMed Centre: Remke Burie. He will welcome everyone and start this inspiring day 1.

Welcome to DIH-HERO Stefano Stramigioli - President DIH-HERO

All participants (SME's, innovation hub partners and more) are welcomed on behalf of the entire consortium DIH-HERO Stefano Stramigioli. He will also go through the program of day one.

What can DIH-HERO offer you?
Dr. Françoise Siepel, Scientific leader DIH-HERO 

 Françoise Siepel will give a presentation about the DIH-HERO consortium for 20 minutes. What is the purpose of the project? Which core partners are involved? What does the platform and the community look like? In short: what can DIH-HERO do for you?

Open & upcoming calls
Maren Bödding MSc - Project manager DIH-HERO

What current and upcoming calls are coming within the DIH-HERO project? Maren Bödding, project manager of DIH-HERO, will discuss this with you. You can also contact her for questions about these calls. For more information about the DIH-HERO calls: click here.

Keynote: The pitfalls and roller coaster road of a medical device entrepreneur.
Amir Szold - Medical Director at Assia Medical Group

Presentation: In the presentation I will discuss the pitfalls and roller coaster road of a medical device entrepeneaur.

Biography: Amir Szold, MD, is a pioneer laparoscopic surgeon, trained in surgery in Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem and Mount Sinai Medical Center New York. In the late 90’s he was the founder and first president of the Israeli Society of Endoscopic Surgery, and was recently a Board Member, and the Technology Committee Chairman, European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons, and Board Member, Israeli Society of Surgeons. He currently serves on the Steering Committee of iSMIT, and a member in the Technology Committee of SAGES.

Dr. Szold is heavily involved in medical innovation. He is the Founder, advisor and board member in multiple medical device startup companies in Israel and Europe, covering fields of 3D vision, robotics, soft tissue replacements, surgical glues, laser technology, smart materials and laparoscopic devices.  He is also the Founder and Medical Director of Assia Medical Group in Tel Aviv, and the founder and current advisor of the Physicians for Human Rights volunteer clinic for illegal immigrants and refugees, Tel Aviv, Israel.

My organisation: Assia Medical Group is a private practice dealing with interventional medicine in Tel Aviv, Istrael.

More information about Assia Medical Group.  

Pitch your organization

We end this plenary session with pitches given by the participants themselves. 5 SME's stand up one by one and present themselves. Who are they, for which organization do they work, what can the company offer others and what are they looking for themselve? The pitchers will present this to all participants in just 2 minutes.

11.00 - 11.30: Break
11.30 - 12.45: Plenary program part 2
12.45 - 17.00: Open program
17.00 - 18.05: Plenary program part 3
18.05 - 18.30: Drinks

program day 2 - 31 october

Program details

08.30 - 09.00: Registration and coffee

We welcome you for day 2 of sharing knowledge, sharing experiences and networking with fellow healhcare robotics companies and entrepreneurs at The TechMed Cenrte at the campus of the University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands).

09.00 - 11.00: Plenary program
11.00 - 16.30: Open program
16.30 - 17.30: Wrap up and drinks

For whom

  • European SME’s and slightly larger companies active in the field of healthcare / robotics.
  • Core partners and all accociate partners of DIH-HERO.  
  • Service facilitators and facilities supporting the development, evaluation and implementation of robotics in healthcare.


  • 30th & 31th of October 2019
  • The TechMed Centre, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands (route)
  • Language: English 

Hotel options 

U Parkhotel

U Parkhotel

650 mtr. away, on the University of Twente Campus


Only a few rooms available.   

De veldmaat 8
7522 NM, Enschede (The Netherlands)
+31 53 433 13 66
(10 minutes walk to The TechMed Centre)

If you want to book a room, click here

Fletcher Hotel

fletcher hotel

1 km away, across the campus of the University of Twente


Hengelosestraat 725
7521 PA, Enschede (The Netherlands)
+31 53 850 6500
(12 minutes walk to The TechMed Centre)

If you want to book a room, click here

Intercity Hotel

Intercity hotel 

4 km away, in Enschede city center


Willem Wilminkplein 5
7511 PG, Enschede (The Netherlands)
+31 53 207 0000
(10 minutes by car to The TechMed Centre)  

If you want to book a room, click here.  

Van der Valk Exclusief hotel

van der valk exclusief hotel

7 km away, in Enschede


Zuiderval 140
7543 EZ, Enschede (The Netherlands)
+31 53 800 0800
(15 minutes by car to The TechMed Centre)  

If you want to book a room, click here

registration & cancelation

Please note that registration for this event is not obligation-free. The number of participants for this event is limited: 300 persons max, and your registration may result in other attendees missing out if the maximum capacity is reached. We will count on your participation for reserving a seat as wel as the catering (lunch and drinks). If you cannot attend the event for which you have already registered, we kindly ask that you let us know. Simply e-mail  


DIH-HERO is an independent platform which connects Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe to create a sustaining network for all those who are active in the healthcare robotics sector. The project consortium consists of 16 core partners spread across 11 pan-European countries. Our primary objective is to accelerate innovation in robotics for healthcare. To connect innovators, providers, businesses, users and politicians, DIH-HERO will establish an open online portal offering multiple services facilitating collaboration on various innovations, emphasizing the sharing of best practice and enhancing the delivery of innovation throughout the value chain.  Following the ambition to build a sustainable platform for all the stakeholders active in the healthcare ecosystem, the different digital innovation hubs within the DIH-HERO network the various partners will offer a variety of services to the actors within the healthcare robotics domains.   

The DIH-HERO project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programm under grant agreement No 825003.