MOOC Ultrasound Imaging

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MOOC Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound is an easy and quick technique to visualize structures inside the human body. It is a relatively harmless and accessible technique that has been used for decades in medical practice.

With current technology developments, new possibilities in ultrasound imaging are arising that may improve diagnostics. However, ultrasound can only be correctly performed, or its clinical performance can only be improved when users have a profound knowledge of the underlying technology.

Researchers from the TechMed Center have developed a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Ultrasound imaging. This free online course of 6 weeks, is based on three major perspectives:

  1. Medical perspective: In Week 1 we will examine the versatile use of ultrasound imaging for medical purposes.
  2. Technical perspective: In Weeks 2 to 4 we will explain the underlying technology of ultrasound imaging.
  3. Technical medical perspective: In Weeks 5 and 6 we will apply your newly acquired technical background knowledge of ultrasound to make better images.

After this course you will have a good understanding of the technology of ultrasound  imaging, and you can apply this knowledge in examples of ultrasound use in the clinic.

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