Nico Verdonschot

Nico Verdonschot is the Scientific Director of the Technical Medical Centre (TechMed) at the University of Twente. He is a Full Professor of reconstructive and regenerative medicine at the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences (RIHS) and a Professor of implant biomechanics at the Department of Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Twente, setting up a research line related to the biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system. His research interests are focused on orthopedic-biomechanical problems of the lower extremity, computer modeling techniques in combination with cadaveric testing, animal research and clinical studies to optimize diagnostic and evaluation tools for orthopedic patients, as well as optimized functionality and longevity of hip/knee prostheses. Since 2016, he is a visiting professor at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy.  In 2018, he received an Honorary Doctorate from Aalborg University, Denmark.