At the end of your internship your supervisor at the company has to fill out an evaluation form. Besides, students need to write a report of your internship. More information can be found in the internship guidelines. This assessment form is going to be used for grading the internship. Pay particular attention to the different rubrics, so you are aware of the importance of all aspects.

 After finalizing your report, the student is responsible for sending the report and external evaluation form to programme coordinator Eline Meijerink ( She will make sure your examiner will receive all reports. The examiner will grade your internship. The assessment form that you received will be used, next to your participation during the two meetings and the evaluation form of the company.

Hand your report in on time. The report must be handed in eight weeks after finishing the internship, at the latest. It is strongly recommended you hand it in earlier, for example within two weeks. It is more convenient to hand in earlier to prevent knowledge and experience to fade from your memory.

To summarize, there are  two documents you hand in within eight weeks after your internship: